Perrotin Yearbook n° 28 - 2018


The first volume of the Yearbook reflects the activities of the six Perrotin gallery's spaces during 2018 assembling exhibition views, conversations with the artists, photographs of workshops and events.

Published by Perrotin in April 2019

Includes contributions by Johan Creten, Colin Lemoine, Matthieu Poirier, Barbara MacAdam, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Daniel S. Palmer, Alexandra Cunningham Cameron, Felix Burrichter, Matthew Ronay, Elena Sorokina, Lee Bae, Henri-François Debailleux, Paul Pfeiffer, Iván Argote, Otani Workshop, Laurent Grasso, Arnauld Pierre, Sébastien Pluot, gimhongsok, Mami Kataoka, Chen Fei, Travis Diehl, Claire Tabouret, Milan Zrnic, Eric Dahan, Xavier Veilhan, Mark Peckmezian, Gelitin, Jesper Just, and more.

416 pages

24 x 32 cm


Texts in English

ISBN : 9791091539159

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ISBN 9791091539159
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