Gelitin - Hase, 2014


Serial Number

Edited by Gelitin, 2014

Hand-knitted rabbit and color photograph in a cardboard box

80 x 24 x 5 cm 

Limited edition of 40, signed and numbered on the back of the photograph


Since 2005, a gargantuan stuffed rabbit has been occupying a part of the hillside in the Italian alps. Its splayed legs, open mouth and popping eyes give an impression that the rabbit was dropped from the sky, accentuating the comicality often associated with Gelitin while enrapturing people’s imagination. However, a trail of guts spilling out from the side of the body, in addition to the rabbit’s premeditated and inevitable demise, suggests otherwise, upending the innocence and gaiety identified with plush toys. The rabbit is projected to be there until 2025.


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