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Gregor Hildebrandt x Yasmin Müller - "schwarzes Bianco, 2023" chessboard

Gregor Hildebrandt

Serial Number

Produced by VogelART, 2023

Mixed media, sold in a custom-made case

Chess board : 40 x 40 cm

Chess game case : 43,3 x 43,3 x 7,7 cm

32 + 2 chess pieces

Edition of 8

 Perrotin is pleased to present schwarzes Bianco, a collaborative edition by artists Gregor Hildebrandt and Yasmin Müller. For this edition, the two artists combine typical aspects of their practice to create a hybrid chess set that underlines the oppositional and complementary elements at stake in the game.

 The chessboard of the edition is rooted in one of Hildebrandt’s latest paintings, entitled Die Tage spiegeln sich in den Nächten und umgekehrt (D.T.i.e.D (E.N.)) [The days are reflected in the nights and vice versa (D.T.i.e.D (E.N.)] (2022). The painting is a rare piece amongst Hildebrandt’s series of “rip-off” tape collages. Known as one of the artist’s signature techniques, this process usually results in two separate paintings depicting a positive and negative version of the same motif. 

Displayed on the boards, Yasmin Müller’s chess pieces have been meticulously painted by hand, reproducing geometrical motifs similar to the surfaces of some of the artist’s sculptures inspired by razzle dazzle military camouflage.

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