Daniel Arsham x RIMOWA - Eroded Turntable

Daniel Arsham

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ERODED TURNTABLE (SILVER) is the second RIMOWA x Daniel Arsham collaboration and includes an Eroded Turntable sculpture encased inside the iconic and newly re-released RIMOWA PILOT case. The case, created in 1994, was specially designed to fit perfectly into the space between the captain and the co-pilot's seat.  Arsham was given access to journey through the RIMOWA archive to blend the past and future of travel and chose this specific case thinking of the musicians in the 90’s who co-opted Pilot cases to element-proof their equipment. 

ERODED TURNTABLE (SILVER) is an edition of 500 pieces. Each sculpture and collaborative RIMOWA x Daniel Arsham aluminum PILOT case comes complete with a pair of custom art handling gloves, collaborative stickers and a holographic label verifying its edition number and authenticity.

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